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5 Top Garden Designer Tricks for a Better Garden

If you are serious about making the most of your outside space then having a well designed garden can help you make the most of the warm summer months and offer a place of santcuary from the stresses of everyday life.

If you are thinking of planning out a new garden design and layout here are some top tips that many garden designers use which you might want to consider and incorporate into your own design.

Lead the eye towards a focal point

Flickr photo by Rich Saunders

Every good garden design needs a focal point. One garden designers trick is to lead the eye into the garden and towards this focal point by the use of lines most commonly with a path, wall or covered walkway.

Add Interest with a Water Feature or Pond

The sound of running water provides excellent qualities which help to relax you. Water features are perfect for this as they come in a wide range of designs, are reletively easy to install and can be a cost effective way to offer some calming background noise or a central focal point to the garden.

Divide the lawn into areas

Flickr photo by Crassemann

If you have a large garden or one that is an awkward shape another garden designers trick is to divide the garden into compartments to break up a large space into smaller compartments or areas of interest. You may then want to theme these compartments into planting, play or social areas.

Add Lighting

In the evenings, even though it may be dark there is no reason why you cannot continue enjoying the garden. With the clever installation of garden lighting you can provide added interest through the clever positioning of lights to illuminate trees and bushes from below, backlight design features or install pond lighting. The shapes and shadows created by the lighting will give a garden a whole new dimension.

Add a Designated Seating Area

To really make full use of your garden it needs to be seen as an extension of your internal living space. Many designers incorporate the use of a designated seating area as either a focal point or social area so you can really start to maximise your time in the garden during the summer months. As a bonus tip, if you make use of patio heating your time in the garden isn’t limited to the summer but pretty much all year round.