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Designing Your Very Own Herb Garden

Herbs are part of the plant category that don’t need a garden of their own and can be easily tucked into existing garden borders or beds. But to keep these herbs handy you can design your very own small patch for these medicinal plants. One thing to remember while growing your own herb garden is that they are rampant plants and tend to spread by runners or by seeds.

Herb Garden Design

Quite a few designs are available for an herb garden, but the iconic four-square garden is found to be high maintenance and the knot styled garden needs constant attention and dedication. Despite all this, designing your own herb garden is more of a luxury for the senses and gives immense pleasure while working on it.

Planting your herb garden

A sunny spot or someplace close to your kitchen is where you can keep your herb garden. It is advantageous to the senses to have these medicinal plants close to you. If you aren’t growing herbs for culinary purposes and want to grow them in large bunches instead, then you can choose a large patch away from the kitchen.

Size of the herb garden

Depending on the type of herbs you want to grow, you can choose the size of your herb garden. Culinary herbs usually don’t take a lot of space and only a couple of these plants are enough per season. If you want a variety of herbs, then the size of the garden will increase.

The size will depend on how may of these herbs are perennial. If you are planning to grow these herbs for drying or freezing purposes then you’ll want a larger space. Think carefully if you want to dedicate the entire garden for growing herbs or would also like to alternate them with other plants.

Designs for the herb garden

A formal herb garden looks gorgeous, especially during the summer seasons. Lay out a series of herb beds in any geometric shape such as a circle, half-circle or square to create a formal herb garden. Each bed will have a different variety of herbs and you can pave the paths in-between the beds, with brick or stone, you could also add in a sundial, birdbath or an urn as the central feature.

You could also grow your very own windowsill her garden, which is quite alluring to gardeners and chefs. Growing herbs in pots or sills isn’t as easy as it appears but they sure do enhance the beauty of your home. Use tiny herbs to line the pots and sills and make sure they get ample sunlight. Planting herbs in the vegetable patch or along the flower beds is also a good idea. You could alternate the vegetable beds with herb beds.