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Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Low Maintenance Garden IdeasBeautiful gardens give homes fine curb appeal. Homeowner wants their yards to look elegant and unique. It is one of the places, if well maintained, that has the potential to serve as both a party and a relaxation zone. However, it can be an intimidating prospect if you don’t have enough energy or the time to maintain it. Beautiful gardens can be acquired with minimal effort and at cheaper costs by following a few easy tricks.

Choosing favourable plants and flowers

You must choose plants and flowers that can tolerate drought. They can help in saving you a lot of time and money if you’re required to water the garden only on a few occasions every week. There’s a wide variety that ranges from Moonbeam coreopsis to Autumn Joy sedum, giving your garden diversity while remaining conscious of the fact that you cannot tend to it daily, like most other plants need.

Installing ground covers for adding texture

If you cannot make time to maintain the garden regularly, you may choose to go for ground covers. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they also cover plenty of ground and make it less important to tend to the plants every day. Ground covering makes for a cost effective option as it can cover the area of numerous plants or flowers. Using ground covers will also change the appearance of your yard, while adding some much needed texture to it.

Perennial plants and flowers

Perennial flowers can be picked as they return every season. They can provide plenty of colour for minimal financial investment or upkeep. They also grow larger with time, owing to their maturity, thereby creating constant growth within the garden. It is vital to pick out the right plants or flowers depending on your garden’s locations and the conditions that prevail therein.

Sprinkler systems to reduce manual effort

The best bet to maintaining a garden at low costs is an automatic sprinkler system. You will no longer have to go to your yard and water it manually. A sprinkler system can aid in keeping a varying water bill under control. By installing these, you will be required to go to your yard only occasionally to do some weeding.

An affordable landscaping idea is a raised garden bed. Consider it if you are not confident that tearing up your lawn, re-grading its surface, digging out spaces and filling them with pricey garden soil, is the best way to go. This option will also work well if your garden soil is not ideal for growing vegetables.