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Must Visit UK Flower and Garden Shows

One of the reasons people choose to have their own garden is that it adds to the beauty of the house and also gives the owner a pleasant and refreshing space for relaxation. Even though urbanization has threatened to wipe away all forms of natural life, we have still found ways to keep plants around us, even if it is through small potted plants or terrace gardens. For others who do not have this privilege, parks and gardens are the only option.

To exhibit how beautiful plants and flowers can be cultivated properly, the concept of flower and garden shows came into existence. For the people who have a garden, the shows are a bank of ideas on how they can improve their gardens. For others, they offer a chance to experience something that they don’t have the privilege of being exposed to. If you are in the UK, here are the top flower and garden shows which you can visit.

Duntreath Garden Show

Garden photo
The Duntreath Castle Garden Show is usually held in the month of June. In spite of the bad weather around that time, the show manages to attract a handsome crowd and generate thousands of pounds that will go to charities. Many people find the beautiful Duntreath garden, overlooked by the mini castle-like structure, spellbinding.

The Duntreath Garden Show is not all about flowers and plants. There is live music, cookery and gardening demonstrations, art displays, auctions, stalls which sold gifts, refreshment stands, etc.

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

This can be called as the ‘Big Mother’ of all flower shows since it is spread over a park which is more than 24 acres wide. If you are a gardening enthusiast, you will feel like you are in a heaven for gardeners. The show is a collection of traditional and modern styles of gardening, exhibited in small gardens, each of which is unique from the rest. You can pick up a plethora of tips not only by just looking at the gardens but also by talking to the people who have created them.

Other Famous Flower Shows

The Southport Flower show has the reputation of being one of the most diverse shows in the whole of UK. Then there is the Emsworth Show which is an eclectic mix of gardens and entertainment. It is usually held in the month of August, on the August bank holiday. Other shows include Dundee Flower and Food Festival, RHS Wisley Flower Show, Malvern Autumn Show, etc.