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Popular Garden Water Feature Ideas

Of late, outdoor living seems to be the popular rage, especially in warm weather conditions. If you want to enhance your garden and outdoor space, then it is high time you install one of the popular water features. A garden water feature can be anything from fountains to waterfalls, birdbaths to rock ponds. 

Water Features

The feature can utilize standing or flowing water and can take any form to enhance your outdoor area. Water features in your garden is a surefire way to provide this space with a little extra something, and you may not even spend much money while doing so.

Water fountains

Water fountains are one of the many popular options for a garden water feature and come in many sizes and shapes. Pick the one that best compliments your space. Fountains can be wall-mounted or can be waterfalls; they can be spherical, tiered or feature decorative toppers. Materials used to build these fountains can vary from cement to copper to brass to stainless steel. Pick a fountain that provides beauty but doesn’t overpower your space.


Installing a birdbath in your garden is an excellent way to enhance your space and is also quite entertaining. It is found that birds enjoy birdbaths more than feeders, and you can get a generic birdbath for these feathered beauties. Birdbaths also come with heaters, so your feathered friends dot feel cold in winter.

Add a small fountain mist to the birdbath as birds such as hummingbirds, robins, thrushes and others love to fly through these water mists. Keep the aspect of birds’ safety in mind and choose a birdbath that has a subtle sloping wall, which doesn’t become slippery. Also, the depth of the birdbath should be about 3 inches.

Miniature ponds or rock ponds

A beautiful pond that has a shelf around it, wherein you can plant in your vegetables or flowers, is a great water feature for your garden. Depending on the size of your garden you can dig some space for the pond and ensure that it is well aerated to avoid bugs building homes around it.

You could put in plants such as lilies, zebra and pickerelweed to make it look all the more pretty. Also, you could also turn your pond into a rock pond, as it is quite soothing to watch water flow over layers of rock. Other water feature ideas popularly used for gardens are bubbling containers, Japanese water gardens, spas and stairway water features.