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Turning Your Garden Space into an Outdoor Living Area

Most people take pride in their homes and invest a lot of time and energy in remodeling and rearranging the interiors. Backyards and gardens used to be seen as extensions f the house, but are now being turned into outdoor living spaces. Whether your aim is to entertain, lounge, dine or relax, there are quite a few ideas you can use to create an ideal outdoor area.

Decking area

Create a nice, shady spot or seating for two

A simple canopy, all by itself, can transform your garden space into a beautiful place. Trees can take a long time to grow and create a shady area in your garden; instead use thick cloth and put up a canopy in minutes, and enjoy a cozy area to lounge in.

You could probably even turn the canopy into an arrangement for two or a small group, by putting in a table and a few chairs under it. A seating arrangement like this is often seen on decks and patios, and the setting creates a completely intimate atmosphere that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Sun deck

A sun deck is a type of floating platform, which consists of four-foot-square sections that are joined together in alternating patterns. The entire deck is usually made out of cedar, which is a weather-resistant wood. Sun decks can be used for sunbathing, lounging and for enjoying the beautiful view of your garden area.

You could jazz up your sun deck with a few accessories such as seating arrangements, floral decorations and others that add beauty to your garden design. Use your imagination and get creative with colorful materials lying around the house, for instance, make beautiful lanterns to hang on your decks. Add in a few festive decorations and garden lighting to make the area look colorful and energetic.

Create a verandah or a fireplace

You could add to the garden design by creating a southern verandah, which can be decked out with a mixture of contemporary and classic elements such as a swing, a steel-and-concrete coffee table or zinc planters. You could also add in a small fireplace in your outdoor living space, which doesn’t need logs. Install a propane-fueled fireplace amidst the other design elements to provide a hint of style to the space. If not, you could just turn the space into a dining area.