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Simple Ideas to Enhance Your Garden

Stone Garden StructuresA pretty garden is a joy to behold; it is quite possible that the homes in your neighbourhood gain their identity through their gardens. If your backyard is not as visually appealing and welcoming as you want it to be, don’t despair! A little creativity is all that’s needed to improve the feel and look of your outdoor space and make it stand out. Here is a list of elements that you may choose to incorporate to enhance the overall appeal of your garden.

Compound wall

Your garden’s boundary is defined by your home’s compound wall. The insides of the walls can have paintings or interesting graffiti to add that element of excitement to the garden. Paintings based on themes such as waterfalls, nature, sunset or even wildlife make for fantastic options.

Stone sculptures

Actual human-sized stone sculptures can be installed in the garden if your budget permits you to do so. Not only will they add to the beauty of your garden, but they can also be used to define a scale to the space.

Water features and lighting

A fountain in the middle of your garden will make it look a class apart. The lighting installed in the area is also instrumental in transforming its ambience. Japanese stone lanterns can be used in place of normal ones because stone provides a rough texture against the fresh and smooth feel of the garden. Using light bulbs within the stone lanterns will create ‘hot-spots’ in the garden. These lanterns can also be installed along pathways so that the direction of movement is well defined. You may also design a small pond that will flow partially into your home building, to seamlessly connect the exterior and interior of your home landscape.

Pool and patios

If there is a swimming pool in your garden already, add some flair, elegance or that wow-factor by installing interesting diving boards in the shapes of houses, or a person coming out of an animal’s mouth, etc. Not only will your kids love it, but it will evoke positive remarks from visitors! Semi-open patios can be created in the garden, providing you the space to just sit around and engage in conversations with loved ones. They can also come in handy during parties by acting as small decks.

Plants and flowers

You may choose to grow plants and shrubs in your garden if you can commit to maintaining them with love and care. They will make your property appear lush, inviting and ensure that your garden a pleasant place to relax in. Plant flowers to add a bit more colour to your outdoors and enhance its liveliness.