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A relaxed open plan lifestyle in the home is now being reflected outdoors too. View your garden like we do; as an extra room, bring the most important elements of indoor life outdoors, with inspirational patio paving ideas that turn your outdoor space into additional living rooms.


Whichever theme and style you have in mind, we have a superb collection of inspirational ideas to help make your dreams come true, and become part of your everyday life the whole year round. By transforming your garden and adding an attractively planned patio area you will greatly enhance the value of your home and may cause envy among neighbours of your new outside lifestyle.


A newly paved patio is a great place for a get together around a sizzling barbecue, a place to eat out Mediterranean style.

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NATURAL STONE This is the new breed of natural stone paving, available in many colours and six sizes plus the choice of many circles with or without squiring of sets, it has become more popular as the cost has reduced in resent years. This naturally beautiful stone gives much more quality and style through the multi-tones which are so apparent in the sample pictures, also with the changes in colour wet to dry the patio develops different characters; creating a whole new sleek look all year round.

  Addingtons natural pavingstone pavingpaving with border


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