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Six ways to protect your seedlings from the weather

Autumn is officially here. After consecutive cold winters, it is safe to assume that this winter will follow suit.  So, prepare for spring 2014 with a well-placed cloche or two, or invest in a new cold frame or mini greenhouse.

Here are six options for different situations to protect your plants from the harsh weather:

1. Living Larder cloche

A chic version of the allotment “recycled French windows” look, the cloche fits over plants on the ground and can fold flat for storage.  You can also purchase versions that are above ground with a storage tray underneath if this fits with your purpose better.

2. Hardwood cold frame

Ideal for protecting young or non-hardy plants or for hardening off seedlings. Usually made from high-quality acacia wood, with rustproof fittings, and glazed with twin-walled polycarbonate.

3. Longrow Super Cloche

A rugged steel frame covered with corrugated PVC, large enough to house all sorts of crops, from dwarf beans to strawberries.

4. Lean-to greenhouse

This new product offers all the benefits of a full-sized greenhouse for a fraction of the cost. Strong and durable, it is 1.8m high, and comes in a variety of lengths.

5. Glass bell jars

These handblown glass bell jars mimic a traditional Victorian design, giving character to a garden as well as protection to plants. In various sizes.

6. Poly tunnel cloche

For soil warming and crop ripening, this tunnel cloche is a state of the art version of the traditional cloche and won the Garden News Best Buy award. In four different sizes.

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