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Summer Landscaping – the essentials

With the highest recorded temperatures since 2006, the UK is officially having a summer! We all enjoy those balmy, humid nights drinking sangria in the garden, and by putting a bit of time in now we can make sure our outdoor space is in perfect nick for next year.

There are a whole host of things you can do in spring to prep a garden for summer. However Addington’s, Northamptonshire’s premier landscape gardeners, has a few pointers for how a bit of effort now can make things much easier next year.

Irrigate to accumulate

Just as we all need a cold glass of water/juice/beer when the sun comes out, our gardens also need some special care and attention. Thankfully, the process is simple. Addington’s can advise and set you on the right path and ensure everything is kept properly topped up as temperatures rise.

Weed – a lot

Rather than a couple of annual back-breaking, spirit-sapping ‘weeding sessions’, why not do it gradually. Weed when you take the bins out, weed when you let the dog out, weed whenever you get 5 spare minutes.

Mow regularly

Combined with regular irrigation, regular mowing of your lawn will ensure it remains green and evenly spread across the entire surface area.

Use of garden

With a few months (well, weeks) of summer garden use under your belt, you have probably noticed a few things which could be improved or amended. Does that paved area need decking? Would a pond be your garden’s crowning glory? Give some thought to it now, and whatever your desire Addington’s can make it happen.