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Water features by Addingtons of Northamptonshire

Stainless steel – Stainless steel features are available in various shapes and sizes and come with a number of options to suit your particular requirement.

stainless steel water feature chau burt9

They are modern, smart and high quality, making them give a sleek and a peaceful atmosphere to your space. They are particularly good for paving areas; giving a clear and precise focal point.

david3 stainless steel water feature walden2

Monoliths – The monoliths are made from plum, green or blue coloured, Welsh slate (other granites are available). They have a flat sawn base so that they can stand vertically, available in sizes from 12 to 8 feet (300mm to 2.4 metres) and with the 32mm hole bored up through their centre. The central borehole provides a passage for water to be pumped up through the monolith so that it can cascade from the top and trickle down the slate sides highlighting the natural colour of the stone when wet, giving it two beautiful looks, both adding a new essence to your space.

monolith water feature  monolith water feature

Slate stacks and spheres – Slate stacks are made from real pieces of slate stacked in a column. They are very natural, and can create a relaxing, mountain feel to your garden. They are available a size to best suit your needs, including pebble pool bases that can be covered with slate shale to add to the effect. Spheres are available in either stone, stainless steel or a marble effect stone and in a whole host of sizes, the water falls around the curve of the sphere creating a beautiful traditional or contemporary look dependant on the materials chosen.

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